Individual Therapy


“Courage doesn’t happen when you have all the answers. It happens when you are ready to face the questions you have been avoiding your whole life.”

— Shannon Alder

Therapeutic services are provided for individuals with the following areas of concerns:

Anxiety and Perfectionism for High Achievers

  • Constant worries about the future and racing thoughts

  • Difficulty making decisions (decision fatigue), feeling “trapped” and stuck

  • Panic attacks and social anxiety

  • Fear of making a mistake

  • Feeling overwhelmed frequently and taking on too many responsibilities

  • Appearing competent on the outside, feeling panic on the inside

  • Creatives and professionals who struggle with work/life balance and stress spilling over to your personal lives

  • Work related trauma, and burn out


  • Lack of interest, sadness, low motivation, loss of joy and self, low self-esteem, self-doubt, insomnia or sleeping too much

  • Feeling like a failure or “not good enough”

  • Perinatal and postpartum depression and anxiety

Relationship and Communication Issues

  • Feeling “unheard” or misunderstood

  • Difficulty communicating your feelings and needs effectively

  • Constant fighting and arguing, using aggressive language towards each other

  • Dysfunctional family dynamic


  • Exposure or direct experience with violence, sexual abuse, childhood abuse/neglect

  • Struggling with deep rooted feelings of shame and guilt

  • Feeling often triggered or unsafe

  • Raised in abusive families causing ongoing relationship issues at present

Asian-American Community and Intergenerational Family Conflict

  • Enmeshed boundaries (little to no autonomy or personal boundaries between family members who can dictate your life)

  • Language barriers and value differences within family

  • Contempt and resentment, feeling misunderstood

  • Generational conflict and excessive expectations placed on you

Christian Faith Conflict

  • Faith & spirituality conflict with the church and the modern world

  • Service burn-out

  • LGBTQ and Christianity

Face to Face Therapy

In-person sessions are a great way to develop a sense of safety and trust during our sessions.  The idea of therapy itself can sometimes spike some anxiety. This is normal!  The more you come into the office and familiarize with the surroundings, it will get better.   The goal is to recognize that our work together is meaningful and you notice healthier changes in your life.

Telehealth Therapy 

Telehealth is typically conducted via video and phone sessions.  Life can get busy and I want to support you in your most convenient platform.  Telehealth therapy is optimal for individuals with complicated schedules due to work, frequent traveling, illness, new mothers or even battling crowded traffic during rush hours.  Therapy can take place in the convenience of your home or current location.  Same session fees apply as in-person therapy appointments.  

Video conference sessions are conducted through a secure HIPAA compliant service via  This is a simple and easy website that does not require personal account or set up.  You will simply click on my video link and be directed into my virtual waiting room.           

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